Psychologist’s View: Face-to-face vs Online Communication

People who are living in this modern generation are continually adapting themselves with the continuous change. The changes refer to the modern technology wherein people can easily communicate through phone calls and also online calls and video chat. Is there any disadvantage of modern technology? Actually, there are many. Though many people enjoy the benefits of modern technology, there are some who are being affected. Aren’t you curious who they are? That person might be your parents or children. Is online communication better than face-to-face?

Of course we can enjoy the benefits of online communication. However, according to psychologists, it is far better to communicate personally or face-to-face rather than through online. It is because an interior designer who is personally comforted can feel at ease and can trust other people. As mentioned by Susan Pinker in the video above, designers born in this modern generation tend to spend more time in front of a screen studying some core of interior designing, check this Asian site to help you 室內設計 . It would be better if professional designers will teach you.

The kids’ leisure time these days is totally different from the old days. If a child grow far from modern technology, then he can communicate more personally with others and trust others as well. But now is different. There should be a balance in terms of communication. Not only kids but also teenagers and all age groups. Face-to-face communication is far better and beneficial rather than online communication. Though you are busy doing your job, personal communication with family, friends, employer, or employees is the best.