YouTube Super Chat

There are many who uses now the chatting method. There are those who use it for personal and others for their business. It is very easy to just log in to some sites, others do not require you to log in, and participate in a chat. In today, as youtube is now a channel that is widely used and many people are now being involved in it as users and as the one who uploads videos so they could earn money through the videos that they upload.

The social site has given them a way to earn as they also share what they have worked for. The ones who like to be noticed during a chat for a video that is being streamed live could pay some amount o money so that they could get the privilege that their chat would be seen. As it happens that in a live streaming chat is also ongoing and many people are into it so your chat would just not disappear because of the many new chats.

The feature of the new super chat is to give the one who comments a special place so that their chat could be highlighted and easily seen. There is also an option that with the click of a button in the designated area, the ones who have paid for their comments could be seen all. It is a way to earn money for both parties to get what they wanted.